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About Us

Founded in 1992, the Dr. Wells Dental Chain has over 90 franchised dental clinics including three clinics across the Taiwan Strait. After establishing itself as the first dental chain in Taiwan, Dr. Wells has been committed to improving the level of dental care both in China and the rest of the world.


On top of introducing efficient dental service management systems to China and we have established high-end dental clinics in metropolitan cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. Our medical team is composed of professor-level senior experts from the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and Macao.

Our Mission

Weiyu Dental Clinic has seven-star equipment and a professional medical team to match! We ensure that we comprehensively improve service quality, bridge treatment gaps between medical institutions in urban and rural areas, provide quality medical care choices for the whole nation, and pass on credible oral health education.


You are welcome to come and visit!

Brand story

Clear-cut communication prior to treatment. Respect for the patient’s right to know. Intimate, custom-designed services. Minimized stress. These are just a few pillars of what makes us Dr. Wells. We collaborate with major banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, and international medical clinics to provide you with top-quality, convenient services.


Our full range of imported medical equipment, international sanitation standards, and elegant clinics provide a comfortable, safe, and professional environment for us to treat you in. Come on in!


Periodontal Treatments

Basic Periodontal Treatment

Laser/Surgical Periodontal Treatment

Endodontic Treatments

General Root Canal Treatment


Pediatric Dental Treatments

Extraction of Baby Teeth

Fluoride Coating

(Covered by health insurance for children under 6)

Tooth Filling

Pulp Extraction/Broken Pulp Treatment

Space Maintenance

Small Metal Mouthpieces

Oral Surgery

General Permanent Tooth Removal 

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Crown Extension


(Root End)

Dry Mouth

Gingival Treatment

Corrective Assessment

General Correction

Stealth Correction

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Assessment

Aesthetic Porcelain Tooth Cover

All-Ceramic Crown

Sandblasting & Whitening

At-Home Whitening

Aesthetic Crown Extension

Cold Light Whitening

Artificial Implants

Artificial Implant

Soft Tissue Transplant

Hard Tissue Regeneration

Tooth Fillings

Resin Tooth Filling

3D Ceramic Filling

Gold Alloy Filling

Sensitive Teeth Treatment

No. 120, Zhongzheng Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Taiwan
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